• RadSight


    RadSight Live records and displays live readings as well as historical data. We want to make sure medical professionals are safe as possible from long-term radiation exposure.

    Enable your team to minimize exposure by better understanding the impact of distance from sources and effectiveness of shielding. This can result in less radiation exposure for the whole team and peace of mind for team members.

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  • RemoteDNA


    RemoteDNA is built on the some of the latest networking hardware. Link2 devices connect to various instruments and then retransmit the data via LAN, 2.4 GHz wireless, 900 MHz wireless or through cellular broadband (GSM).

    RemoteDNA will give you instant access to the data you need in the field.

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Our products are trusted by

  • ThermoFisher
  • Cavendish Nuclear
  • EDF
  • U.S Airforce
  • Magnox


  • DAS - Dose Assessment System

    Approved Dosimetry Software used for the assessment of legal dose data.  Run by the Central Dose Record Keeping Service in Berkeley DAS software analyses monthly dose values to spot anomalies and enable accurate dose estimates to be made in the case of missing data.

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  • RadSight iD

    Asset tracking software used to store, track, maintain, issue and return many kinds of instrumentation.  Tracking of instrument maintenance and calibration activities. Configurable calibration protocols. Integration with barcode readers enabling rapid inventory checks.

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